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Angela Fernot is a freelance illustrator in Wilmington, North Carolina. Originally from New Jersey, Angela attended the County College of Morris, as well as the Kubert School for her college education. Since then, she has enjoyed working for the Kubert School, Greg Hildebrandt’s Spiderweb Art Gallery, and is presently working with Soldiers of Fortune Comics. She has enjoyed other small projects along the way–mostly private commissions– and especially loves to illustrate portraits and create art in black and white media. Currently, she is obsessing over watercolor. At shows she tries to be a presentable human, but in the studio, she is often seen with her multi-colored hair in a bun, and any number of tools sticking out of it. 

In addition to her freelance work, Angela has also had the incredible good fortune to work as an instructor to teen and tween children via her curated workshops at libraries and through private art instruction to small groups and individuals. She strongly believes that to truly teach, you must always keep learning along the way.

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