Happy Mother’s Day 2016!

Today was such a beautiful day. After almost a week straight of rain we were finally gifted with sunlight. We made the most of it, and I got a chance to play with my new camera a little bit. One of my favorite parts of the day was this nest, right outside on my mom’s porch, where the mama bird will not leave her perch. My mom talks to her every day. It was really cool!

Soo, I thought I might share with you. Hope you had a good day!

IMG_1401 copyIMG_1404 copy

Scratching the itch!

During the holidays I was really excited to get back into scratchboard! When I was first introduced to this media I couldn’t get enough of it. But, it’s been several years since I had the opportunity to do anything with it again.

This was a commissioned piece done for a present, and it was a blast!! Here are the progress photos. Enjoy!


This is the final drawing I used.


A study to make sure I know how to light and shade the piece. And I just like drawing lions. =D


Detailed close up of dragonfly — in progress shot.




TSO and King Rurik

Last summer I spent a decent chunk of my time prepping for my first major published work. I inked the pencil art of Greg Hildebrandt for a narrative piece commissioned by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! It was very, VERY exciting, but one of the most nerve wracking experiences of my life.

I was given one week to do the finished work, but fortunately, I’d been practicing and experimenting with some of the panels for a few weeks before the final assignment. And to make it even more fun, I was told NO white ink. Now, if you’re not a person who inks, let me explain.  Normally, when you make a mistake you fix it with white ink, because it is similar to the color of the white paper. Simple, right? Unfortunately, the paper we were using was not perfectly white, and the only use of white ink allowed was for intentional marks.. Add to that the fact that I had never professionally inked before and these pages were all over sized, and you might say I felt the pressure.

Typically, I am not a coffee drinker. That week, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, and chocolate covered espresso beans became my new best friends. I have never appreciated the power of caffeine in all of my years until I got that project.

Here’s the practice art:

One of my favorite parts of this project were the moments when Greg would say as I left the office, “Make sure you don’t F*CK it up!” If you’ve ever met Greg, you’d know that he was only joking, but it was certainly a good reminder to make sure I indeed did not f*ck it up.


In the end, this project was very involved for both of us. I worked my hardest to make sure that Greg’s art FELT like his art. When I was all done, he went back in with washes of gray or color where he felt it was appropriate. The finished work was clean, organic, and beautiful. I was honored to have this opprotunity. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and I could not have been more excited. Want to see where it ended up? TSO released a new album, “Letters from the Labyrinth” in October 2015. The narrative art was used in their CD booklet, and in the 2015 Winter Tour Program.

Below, you can see the 2015 Program, and a sample of the art for the year. We only have a few left, but you can get them signed by Greg! To buy your program, visit here: https://www.spiderwebart.com/productsd.asp?snob=111334

Thank you for your support!!


A Taste of Tyrion

For my first art post this year, I give you this…

Many moons ago, I started a little side project for my own enjoyment and it featured my favorite character from Game of Thrones–Tyrion!!! I love him the most. I’m including some progress photos, too, just to keep it interesting. Enjoy!




It’s been over a year since my last post. Needless to say, I am not very good at maintaining this blog. It has inspired me to reflect on the last year of my life, and what has led me to avoid updating, especially when I have work to share! I have come to a simple conclusion:


I am a hard worker. But I work on a lot of other things, and for a lot of other people. I tend to get so wrapped up in everything that I’m doing outside of the internet, and I neglect the internet all together. I like human interactions. I like people. I don’t like computers. And I keep saying to myself, “You’ll have time to focus more on this later. You’re building your career elsewhere.” All to often, this has been a mental trap. This is a part of my career. This is the place where I need to build and maintain my internet presence. Who knew it would be so hard?

Ultimately, I am only hurting myself. If you are a blog reader, a freelancer, or a person who wants to be successful, all I can say to you is DON’T DO WHAT I’VE DONE. Write updates. Make new content. Keep exploring. Keep learning. And keep posting!

While I am not proud of my behavior, I am not afraid to face it or own up to my inconsistency. I cannot move forward until I reflect on what is behind me. It is so important to make commitments and to stick to them. Here’s to practicing what you preach.

R.I.P Spock

I’m not a die hard Star Trek fan, but I do like it. I appreciated Leonard Nimoy’s talent. I knew him best from the show, Fringe, where he was something of an evil genius. And as I started my day I felt the need to draw something nerdy about him, because what the hell…why not? It saddens me when great talent dies. I felt this strongly with Robin Williams, and I feel it again now…

I think I’m gonna need to do another piece for Robin Williams soon.


The girl who waited…

So I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who. I love the show, I love the quirky, whimsical feel of the show, and I love the cast. Admittedly, I haven’t seen the original episodes, but I do hope to watch them eventually.

So, for Christmas I made a few drawings for friends (see the post before this one), but I couldn’t post one of them until now. Yes, it took me this long to get some of these gifts to people. And yes, I know I’m terrible.

I’m posting 2 versions of this drawing, because I find the differences between the 2 interesting. I prefer the high contrast image with the black, but both of them technically work. One just works better. What are your thoughts?

Sexy Amy PondSexy Amy Pond - no blacks