The size of your Avatar will depend largely on where you plan to use it. Typically, avatars are used for profiles, which means they are usually a head drawing, but sometimes people want a full figure. I’m fine with whatever you want, but the standard is usually this:

Your avatar head will be delivered in a square format with a colored bg, but transparent is optional. The image will be 1000x1000px at 100dpi.

Pricing starts at $30/avatar head. This is because I usually have to get a likeness and these end up resembling a comic commission by the time they are done. They are also one-offs, which means you get one and are done–even though they often take me hours to get right.
Note: If you want to know why your emotes are less, usually it because I can make a template and you are ordering a larger quantity of images.

For more complex (full body) avatars or specific information on process, please check my Commissions page.