Commissions & Courses

Commission Information

Please Note: I offer portraits, realism, and more! So always contact me first!

Nothing is off the table! If you’d like a commissioned piece of art, please let me know! If I can’t make it myself, I will always do my best to direct you to someone who can.

The process for my commissions is as follows, unless discussed otherwise in writing:

  • A 30-50% initial deposit is required to “lock in” a commission in my schedule.This deposit is non-refundable, unless I am at fault. The exact percent is determined per project.
  • Stage One – Roughs
    • I will create concept sketches, or “roughs”, that I will send to you for approval. These will be very loose drawings that focus mainly on composition—arrangement of objects in the drawing—for you to review.
    • I will submit 2-5 images. You can pick what you like and dislike about each one if there isn’t a favorite design.
    • You will be allowed changes here within reason. If I am asked to redraw everything over and over, and there is no forward progress made, that’s when things are considered unreasonable. Not something I’ve had happen, but I like to explain. 
  • Stage Two – Pencils
    • As I work on this stage, the main idea of the piece should already be understood between us, so here you can make minor changes, but not major. Here are some examples of acceptable and unacceptable changes:
      • Acceptable – change the position of the hand, make the tires larger/smaller, add a tattoo to the figure, shorten/lengthen a garment slightly, add a branch to this tree, etc.
      • Unacceptable – change the ENTIRE pose of the figure, redraw the car bc you want to see a different type of vehicle, go from male to female, redraw all of the clothes, change the setting, etc.
  • Stage Three – Inks (when applicable)
    • My style of art often includes adding lineart in black ink. At this stage, all changes should be made to the art already, and there aren’t usually any adjustments to this part of the drawing, however, I show this stage just in case. 
    • Please be aware that while it is uncommon, if you request any changes in this stage, it may incur costs. It is not expected to happen, but making changes like moving a body part, or adding something to the drawing may require me to completely REDO this stage. That is what makes the pencil stage so important.
  • Stage Four – Colors/Final Stage
    • This process varies for traditional art vs digital art. They will each be explained below.
      • DIGITAL COLORS: At this stage, if you wish to see a variation of a color, like yellow to blue, color changes like this are not a problem! 
      • TRADITIONAL COLORS: Colors for this stage will be discussed before color is applied to the art. Please keep in mind, if you’re asking for my art, you’re trusting me to do the job. Changes at this stage must be discussed, and may incur charges.
  • Shipping
    • U.S. – Shipping for art is tricky. Sometimes it goes right into a tube and it’s easy! Sometimes it requires more complex shipping methods, but typically, shipping is around $15 and will include tracking information and insurance.
    • International – Case specific! I only ship art internationally if it is insured. Typically shipping prices start around $40, but I’ll always get you an estimate before shipping. 

Commission Examples

Course Information

I teach private lessons both in person, and online. These classes include critiques, live interaction, and may include recorded, downloadable videos. If you would like to learn more about receiving instruction from me, please feel free to contact me here.

Below are some image examples of works I have critiqued via online courses and interactions. Please note that these works belong to the respective artists, and are not my own.