Narrative Art

Trans Siberian Orchestra – King Rurik

This was a special project I collaborated on with the incredible, Greg Hildebrandt. You can see him in one of the photos I have included in this gallery. He is literally one of my favorite people in this world, and I am honored to have been given the opportunity to work with him.

Greg drew every piece, and I inked them. He would then add layers of paint for the finished image, which was a great combined effort!

Spires by Soldiers of Fortune Comics

These pages were created as sample pieces for a grant. Story by Gavin Spector. Pencils and Inks by me!

Trigger by Soldiers of Fortune Comics

This was a great and challenging project that involved me mimicking another artist’s style in order to add to some of the existing story and flesh it out a little more. Can you tell where my art ends and the other art begins?

Blackout by Soldiers of Fortune Comics

These are just a few of the pages from issue #1 of Blackout. Created by Gavin Spector. I pencilled the book, and it was inked and colored digitally by other artists.