Angela Fernot is freelance artist from New Jersey. She has enjoyed drawing since she was a child, but did not start to pursue an education in art until after high school. After high school she attended the County College of Morris (CCM) and, eventually, the Kubert School. At the end of her second year at the Kubert School Angela was the proud winner of the Dave Simons scholarship for inking. She graduated in May of 2012, and remained a presence in the school as a teacher for Saturday morning children’s art classes for a few years after.

In 2013, Angela started working for art legend, Greg Hildebrandt and his agent, Jean Scrocco at the Spiderwebart Gallery. She has absolutely loved working for Spiderwebart as an executive assistant and creative designer, and she considers the Spiderwebart Team to be her second family. Visit their website to check them out, here!

Apart from working at Spiderwebart Gallery, Angela runs art workshops for middle-school kids and older. She is an advocate of comic books for teenage girls, and someday hopes to create her own series promoting confidence and positive role models for a new generation.

Though she is dedicated to her art, Angela continues to seek new opportunities to educate herself in areas including business, web design, marketing, and sales. She firmly believes that the knowledge gained in other disciplines will only further enhance her aspiration, inspiration and creativity. Angela also loves sports of all kinds, and believes her family (especially her younger brother and sister) is made up of the coolest people who ever lived.

Angela loves to do narrative art and portraits, but she’ll try just about anything once. She often daydreams about traveling the world, and she would really like to teach English in a foreign country.


2012 Interview with Khuan Tru:


DeviantArt (because I don’t have all of my art up here):



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