It’s been over a year since my last post. Needless to say, I am not very good at maintaining this blog. It has inspired me to reflect on the last year of my life, and what has led me to avoid updating, especially when I have work to share! I have come to a simple conclusion:


I am a hard worker. But I work on a lot of other things, and for a lot of other people. I tend to get so wrapped up in everything that I’m doing outside of the internet, and I neglect the internet all together. I like human interactions. I like people. I don’t like computers. And I keep saying to myself, “You’ll have time to focus more on this later. You’re building your career elsewhere.” All to often, this has been a mental trap. This is a part of my career. This is the place where I need to build and maintain my internet presence. Who knew it would be so hard?

Ultimately, I am only hurting myself. If you are a blog reader, a freelancer, or a person who wants to be successful, all I can say to you is DON’T DO WHAT I’VE DONE. Write updates. Make new content. Keep exploring. Keep learning. And keep posting!

While I am not proud of my behavior, I am not afraid to face it or own up to my inconsistency. I cannot move forward until I reflect on what is behind me. It is so important to make commitments and to stick to them. Here’s to practicing what you preach.

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