Hot Water

So, I’ve been working on a drawing of a Native American. I thought I’d be done with it already, but unfortunately there was an event…see, I live in a place where my landlord is the devil. And because I live in this place, when our basement flooded from all the rain last week we lost hot water.

I have not had hot water for almost a week, and I’m starting to wonder how people in the past were so okay with it. I have been bathing with a pot and a wash cloth, and occasionally taking really REALLY cold showers…and by occasionally I mean a whopping ONE. Annnnd because I’m kind of weird I just look at the whole thing as one big adventure.But the pot of water method works really well! I save a lot of water, I don’t space out in the shower, and I’m more efficient with my time. It’s amazing to me how much I take for granted. The good news is that we will have a new hot water heater on Wednesday. The bad news is we are expecting more rain before then.

Anyway, I have been kind of busy and feeling gross a lot, which has been causing me to slow down on my art. This is absolutely an excuse. Let’s face it. I’ve just been lazy. But in the mean time, here’s what I’ve done so far.



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