Ohhh, man…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

So I’m working on some stuff that I don’t think I’m legally allowed to post, which has lead to me not updating as much as I should. But every so often I have time to do a study or a sketch here and there, and now I’m going to post them!

Also, I just finished the video game that I was working on!!! That has been one of the projects taking up all of my time, so hopefully now I can free up a little bit of time. Anyway, I hope everyone has had a happy holiday season!

Please excuse the crappy scans…they’re just sketches! =p

game faces related to video game, but not the finished product! tee hee >D

sketch 2

sketch 3 


yeah art! been sketching a lot of UFC guys…awesome reference!!

So hopefully this makes up for a bit of my slacking. I would like to try to sketch at least one new image a week — even if I don’t post every week like I should. ^^;;;;

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