Summer is Ending

So I have not been on in a while and felt the need to create an update.

I’m sure anyone reading this who is a comic book fan has heard about Joe Kubert’s passing. I will miss him always. He had the most kind, gentle smile and the warmest eyes I have ever seen. He was patient, encouraging, thoughtful, dedicated, professional, and truly inspirational. Whenever he helped with a project he didn’t just show us how to fix it. He taught the class how to think in a new way so that we might avoid the same mistakes in the future. He made art seem so much less intimidating and gave us motivation and determination every day (even though we only had his class on Tuesdays). Just sitting next to him made you feel special.  Like I said to my friends after our first few classes with him, ‘He’s like the Professor Dumbledore of the art world.’ That man has undoubtedly changed my life.

I have also been working with kids all summer and it has not allowed me much time or freedom to draw my own things, but I have given them some instruction and we did some fun projects together. However, I still feel motivated to draw and miss it when I’m not doing it. I’ve finally gotten some free time again lately so I’m hoping to post something new very soon. Also, it’s a lot harder to get things scanned now that I don’t have daily access to a scanner. Hoping to get one for Christmas, but that is SO far away right now.

I hope summer has gone well for everyone else out there on the interwebs! Bring on the fall!!

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