Remember that time….


…When I actually posted on my blog? I do, too. To those of you who pay attention to this thing I’m very sorry for not posting more. The end of the school year was challenging and extremely busy, and was followed by work that fits the same description. However, I am getting back into the grove. I’m also working on projects that I can’t post about yet, but I’m very excited for the outcome. I think I’m actually going to get my name out there!

A brief study of old chinese architecture.

A 10 minute sketch of an AK-47

Today has been an extremely rewarding day for art. I’m currently working at the Tell-A-Graphics department of the Kubert School, and I have been learning a lot. My day started there, and in the afternoon I migrated to Starbuck’s to meet with some fellow Kubies and draw all day. Here are some results (sorry for the crappy quality, I will scan and upload better images later):




And now I’m working on some figure studies. This is the progress so far. I’m thinking I might also go through my computer and post some work I did while I was at school. At least then there will be something to post when I’m not actually making new stuff (which shouldn’t ever happen, but ya know…).

Feedback is always welcome!

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